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Lawyer since 2000, former hardware & software engineer, Columbia MBA.

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Alex's work is nothing short of extraordinary. His grasp of complex algorithms and methods is both rapid and comprehensive. And he's a joy to work with! Highly recommended.

Rob Mee

San Francisco, CA

Alex Witkowski is one of the sharpest minds I know. He can comprehend the technical, business, and legal implications of patent law and bring this understanding to bear on a patent submission or search. He helped me patent a very complicated business process/Activity Based Costing tool and was patient, insightful, and sharp. I give him the highest possible recommendation and would be happy to talk to anyone about his qualifications.

Stephen Johanson

Ann Arbor, MI

Alex is an outstanding patent attorney. I recently hired him to write both utility and design patents for my company's new product line. The work was complex, in that contract agencies and consultants participated in product development. Alex needed to understand the innovation; coordinate among multiple inventors to ensure all ideas/art were accurately reflected; and assign all rights to the company. He proved to be thorough and efficient and deliver high quality work. A nationally-known litigation attorney, assisting me with Corporate matters, also commented on the high caliber of Alex's work. I'd highly recommend Alex for any opportunity.

Polly Shrewsbury

Austin, TX

I've known Alex for a decade. He is a valued advisor about not only IP issues, but IP issues as they are effected by real world business considerations. Alex has a real handle on the variables effecting a successful business that is supported by a product that also happens to have IP protection.

I have worked with other patent attorneys - who mostly seem interested in client fees - rather than helping create a viable product or business. Alex has more often than not steered me AWAY from patenting something - patiently advising me that this or that hare-brained idea is probably not a great opportunity...his 'MBA hat'.

We're working on the Next Big Thing now (he's given it his blessing) - and we're both excited about the future. OK, it's not the Next Big Thing - but it's still an exciting opportunity to create a good product and business.

I simply could not recommend Alex more highly as counsel and friend.

Matt Ciesicki

Paris, France

I had the extreme luck of both knowing and being able to work with Alex over 6 years at Intel. In fact, we started on the same day and I met him during new employee orientation. While at Intel, both Alex and I worked as engineers developing Intel's flagship microprocessor chips, the Intel486 and Pentium product lines. Alex always worked on the most advanced chips, which is a testament to his reputation in the Intel engineering community as being one of the most professional, intelligent, innovative and hard-working engineers in the division. This says a lot since the microprocessor division was, and is, by far the most profitable and important division at Intel.

Alex's primary responsibilities at Intel included production test program development, silicon debug, manufacturability verification, yield improvement/cost reduction and developing yield improvement and failure analysis tools that were implemented both worldwide in manufacturing plants in the U.S., Asia, Europe and the Middle East, as well as across all microprocessor lines. I recall him developing many important tools including, among others, a cache testing tool for defect density monitoring and a failure signature analysis tool for identifying most frequent failure mechanisms to support resolution of yield crashes and continuous yield improvement.

However, what I always found even more impressive about Alex than his obvious engineering skills were his impressive project management and people skills. Alex was well-known and well-regarded thoughout Intel for his ability to get the job done in an organized and professional manner. His ability to both get along with and effectively persuade seniors, subordinates, and clients alike was truly impressive.

After our work at Intel, Alex and I have kept in touch and in fact, we both subsequently attended the same MBA program (although Alex attended a few years before I did). I'm sure that the knowledge that he gained from the Columbia/LBS MBA program has added to his abilities to manage and complete the most complex projects and deals.

I would enthusiastically recommend Alex for any job that he is interested in pursuing. He would be a valuable asset to any company or organization who is lucky enough to hire him.

Dennis Uhlir

Moscow, Russian Federation

I met Alex through his work with IEEE PACE. Alex has effectively used his engineering, business, and legal skills to help this group gain traction. He is good with people and a sharp analytical guy. I am impressed with his writing and insights.

T. Kim Parnell

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