Intellectual Property Practice

At Witkowski Law, we help clients develop and execute on intellectual property strategy and tactics including US and international patent portfolio development and management, freedom to operate analysis to guide licensing and patent design-around strategies during product development, brand strategy and trademark registration, and other matters.
Legal Services

Intellectual Property Strategy

US Patent Applications

International Patent Applications

Patent Portfolio Management

Prior Art Searches

Opinion Letters

Validity and Infringement Analyses

Freedom to Operate Analyses

Post Grant Reviews

Inter-Partes Reviews

Ex Parte Reexaminations

Brand Strategy and Trademark Registrations

Copyright Registrations

Trade Secret Protection

Licensing Agreements

Employment Agreements

Intellectual Property Audits

Intellectual Property Due Diligence

Technology Fields


Software, SAAS, Cloud Infrastructure

Hardware Devices

Computer Technology


Wireless Networking
Internet of Things - IoT

Advanced Manufacturing & Nanotechnology

3D Printing

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Automation, Robotics & Control Systems

Healthcare Systems
Social Networks

Business Methods

Financial Technology - Fintech

Big Data & Data Sciences