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Although you are welcome to pay by credit/debit card, we prefer payment by electronic check (eCheck). A $2,500 credit/debit card payment, for example, incurs transaction fees that are 25-36 times as much as for an eCheck. Even for a $500 transaction, credit/debit cards costs 5-7 times as much.
To pay by eCheck, choose the "eCheck" tab on the right hand side just above "Card Information" in the payment form, and enter the routing/account number for the source of the funds, the name on the account, and account type: checking or savings, and business or consumer. It's that easy.
eChecks cost us a flat $2.00 per transaction whereas credit/debit cards cost us 1.95% to 2.89% of the transaction amount, depending on the card used. Consider that debit cards cost us the same as credit cards -- that's true on Paypal and Square too last I checked. If you don't need to take advantage of credit, please consider using an eCheck instead. 
For payments originating outside the US, consider Transferwise as an alternative to wire transfers and credit cards. It has worked well for us. They use mid-market currency exchange rates (others hide fees in biased exchange rates). In advance, they state dollars to be delivered and their fees. And their fees are low. They raised $280M in VC funding at a $1.6B valuation in 2017. Use the referral link above before registering to get a credit on your first transfer. Click the offer link during registration to claim it.
For payments in advance of
services, such as deposits:
For all other payments:

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