Online Payments to Witkowski Law

Your info is entered directly into Lawpay -- a trusted payment processor reportedly used by 145,000+ lawyers.
Payment by ECHECK - We prefer eChecks because they cost us a flat $2 per transaction. Choose ECHECK tab, enter the name on the account and routing/account numbers. Payors can pay up to $5,000 per transaction. For larger amounts, payors can submit multiple payments in the same day.
Payment by CREDIT/DEBIT CARD - Choose CARD tab and enter credit card information. With notice on the invoice or in this section prior to payment, we reserve the right to impose a surcharge on credit/debit card payments to the extent allowed by law but not more than the cost of acceptance -- about 2% of the transaction amount.
Scheduled / Recurring Payments - Payor can specify automatic recurring payments by eCheck or CARD. Select "Frequency" drop down to specify an automatic scheduled payment period from weekly to annually, and (1) whether payments  stop when a specified cumulative amount is paid or (2) whether payments continue until cancelled. 

Cancel Scheduled Payments: To cancel any scheduled payment(s) for any reason, let us know immediately at to avoid transaction fees, no later than 5 PM PST on the third business day before the next payment is scheduled. Follow up by phone if you don't receive cancellation confirmation by noon the next day.
For payments in advance of services, such as for initial security deposits and replenishment of such deposits:
For all other payments:

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